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Trauma is often the start of many problems in an individuals life. Trauma can come in in the

womb depending on the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy as well as whether or not the birth was traumatic. Developmental trauma is what happens when traumatic events interrupt developmental tasks. When these tasks are interrupted, there is a deficit in the structures of the brain needed for optimal development.

There are two types of trauma that can cause neurological damage during development.

Type A Trauma

Brain structures most seriously affected are the places where emotions are handled. The soul is primarily devoted to emotions - Type A trauma results in fractures of the soul.

We remember these more likely than Type B traumas but we give them less significance - because the importance is denied, it leaves the person confused as to why they feel so terrible about themselves or afraid to trust or have low self worth.

E.g. of this trauma - not being valued by parents, not feeling like we are special to them, not heard or understood, no affection or proper nurturing, no limits, basic needs not taken care of - food, shelter, medical etc., not being taught to problem solve or deal with emotions properly, not being nurtured to find our value and identity.

Type B Trauma

Bad things that happen to us, so these are harmful by their presence - they affect the brain more seriously in the memory area so it results in fractures of the mind. This fracture causes a separation. Very bad events can lead to dissociation or amnesia - protective mechanism to the bad memories. The person does not choose to forget the memory it is automatically lost to memory before the person even knows what is happening.

Range of severity - even the lesser trauma is important to deal with - ignoring or avoiding wounds do not make them go away.

E.g. of this trauma - physical abuse, hidings that cause physical bruises or violent or emotional scars, sexual abuse or exposing children to early sexual experiences as a parent sharing information or letting them see, verbal abuse or name calling, abandonment by parent, torture or satanic ritual abuse, witnessing someone else being abused.

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